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Duct Work Repair, Design, & Installation

We Install and Repair Duct work

Have you looked at the ductwork (metal vents) leading out of your heater or air conditioning? Do they have insulation? Do they have duct tape coming off of them? Do you see any gaps between the fittings?

How about the rest of your home or business, inside the walls or other sections? Have you inspected the ductwork in your attic?

Certainly you can’t even see what’s going on between the walls. Ductwork is a hidden however critical feature of your heating and cooling system yet it is often overlooked and neglected over many years. The fact is a large amount of the home ductwork we inspect in El Paso has moderate to severe ductwork deficiencies. This not only costs you money, but poses a high risk of spreading allergens and causing fires.

Don't Let your Money Leak Out of Your Ducts

Improve Efficency

You can expect to see a significant decrease in the cost of your energy bill with new or repaired ducts. When air escapes through leaks and cracks, you lose a lot of energy and a lot of money. Once your ducts are in top shape, though, your HVAC won’t have to expend as much energy to cool or heat your home or business.

Improve Air Quality

HVAC ductwork replacement will give your home or business an air quality upgrade. No more dust, moldy smells, or allergens polluting the air, resulting in fewer allergy flare-ups and better overall health. Even if our experts only recommend repairs, not a full replacement, you’ll still notice a significant difference in air quality.

Reduce Risks

Heater produce high temperatures and send these through your Ducts. If this surface is too close to your walls or other objects you may have a fire danger. In the areas where heat is escaping from the ductwork, it is not as hot but still represents a serious fire risk as over time the areas this heat is hitting will become dry, brittle and very susceptible to catching fire.

Ductwork Inspection and Recommendations

Quality Air Mechanical will come out to inspect your home or business heating and or cooling systems for energy efficiency and safety concerns.

We start with your system’s filter. This is an item that every homeowner should be aware of and is changing it on an annual basis. With a new filter installed, dirt, dust and debris are prevented from entering and stopping up your ductwork. High end quality filters can help prevent allergens from being blown throughout your home or business.

Our service includes an inspection of your heating/cooling unit as well as the ductwork that leads out of it. We will then conduct a thorough examination of the ductwork that runs throughout your home or business.

Then, we will present you with our findings and results of our tests, then make recommendations to create a safe and efficient ductwork system and a price quote to conduct the installation or repairs.