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Air Conditioning Types and Efficiency

The task of purchasing an air conditioning system can be hard. The following is a short guide to the different air conditioning cool your home. This is especially important for individuals how need air conditioning in the El Paso, Texas area.

Air Conditioning Types – Typical PROS and CONS

Like many types of equipment, air conditioning is often put into categories which described by suitability to different users for instance residential, domestic, commercial, office and industrial. These groupings generally indicate the size, capability and strength, and how the air conditioner functions.

The following pointers should help you select the type of air conditioner that you may need;
• For small office type applications, the small choice comes down to either window air conditioners or, wall or floor mounted split systems. Faced with this choice, if you can afford a wall or floor mounted split system then it is the type to choose from as usually, they have more functionality and are invariably quieter than window air conditioners.
• If you have planning restrictions that prevent the placement of an external unit on or near your building, then consider wall mounted or floor mounted window unit.
• If you are considering a very efficient heating source as well as cooling capacity, then you need an air conditioner with a heat pump. This generally means that your choice is limited to split systems, although wall and floor mounted window also have heat pumps.
• If you want to have a moveable unit, for instance if you rent your property then mobiles or easy fit split air conditioners are preferable.
• For larger offices and homes, shops, and other buildings, then central cooling is your best bet.
If you need help on solving a cooling issue or choosing an air conditioner, just ask us!